Adopting a circular economy approach not only enables you to lower your ecological footprint, but also allows you to reduce operating costs, create additional revenue from existing products and processes, spur innovation and develop new products and services, engage customers and employees, and distinguish from the competition. Making your operations more in line with the circular economy can bring tangible results to the business bottom line. Sustainability should therefore be embedded into the core business strategy and into every layer of a company. All too often it is merely a communication or marketing strategy, or a corporate domain that is disconnected to what the company delivers in the field.

Do you want to reach additional customer segments and gain new market share?

Are you looking for an improved green corporate image & higher employer attractiveness?

Are you interested in valuable data to improve the product design and production process?

Do you want to lower your ecological footprint & ensure ease of compliance with (upcoming) regulations?

Do you want to reduce the risk of supply disruptions & fluctuating commodity prices?

Are you interested in applying the circular economy and sustainability principle to the benefit of your organization’s long-term success and resilience? Möbius helps you select the circular solution that best delivers the desired value and fits your organization’s DNA.

  Inspiration and training

We offer executive trainings that transfer knowledge and experience that is hands-on and applicable in day-to-day operations. All our trainings are delivered in a flexible format: for smaller or larger groups, in a series or on a one-time basis, in open classes, or tailor made, in an in-company format.


  Business model redesign

Most companies are willing to become more circular, although they struggle to make it happen. It’s a challenge to translate the broad concept of circular economy to the daily reality of your company, and to get a clear view on the concrete benefits it may bring to your business. We help you identify what’s in it for you and redesign your business model accordingly.

  • Step 1: We help you select and shape a winning circular business model, always with your customers’ needs in mind.
  • Step 2: We calculate costs and revenues of the selected circular business model and help you develop an accurate pricing policy.
  • Step 3: We develop tools to measure how effective your company is in the transition from linear to circular models, taking into account both economic and environmental parameters.

  Putting sustainable and circular business models to practice

Implementing circularity affects your entire business. Together with our strategic partners, we are your one-stop-shop for advice on the different building blocks of a circular model and help you manage the required change in all of the following areas:

  • use of digital technologies
  • internal engagement
  • culture and capability
  • new design focused on multiple life cycles and users
  • collaboration with external stakeholders and within the value chain
  • implementation of reverse logistics

  Process management & facilitation

Shifting from linear to circular means tackling many uncertain issues. Facilitation can make the difference between a solution that has hidden problems and one that is robust. Under Möbius’ guidance, meetings and workshops will achieve the desired outcomes with speed and efficiency. We use facilitation to:

  • identify and resolve hurdles
  • develop accurate objectives
  • define the scope of change projects
  • encourage and empower contributions in a safe environment
  • engage stakeholders


Together with our strategic partners, we are your one-stop-shop for advice on the different building blocks of a circular model.

VITO is an authority in the field of sustainable materials management. VITO calculates the recyclability of materials and products and finds innovative solutions for valorizing waste streams.

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