Supply Chain management is not a support function anymore. With the arrival of new technologies and the rise of customer expectations, it takes a leading role. Customers expect suppliers to be reliable and quick. Pressure on planning and logistics increases. Many companies struggle to find the balance between cost, cash and service. An end-to-end approach of the value chain is the only way to be competitive in the global market. Agile and efficient Supply Chain management is the challenge of the future.


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Are you able to deliver outstanding service with controlled costs and inventories?

Is your Supply Chain designed to achieve your company’s goals?

How do you make the trade-off between service, cost and cash?

Do you have the processes and tools to be agile and efficient?

Do your people have the right Supply Chain skills?

How do you make the organization understand the end-to-end value chain?

(How do you improve the alignment between supply and demand?)

We help to make your Supply Chain agile and efficient

Supply Chain strategy & design

When strategic goals change, Supply Chains should evolve too. We help you find the trade-off between service, costs and cash for each product or customer segment. We support the redesign of your Supply Chain footprint and build with you the most suitable organization.

Inventory efficiency improvement

Companies are under constant pressure to reduce inventories and improve service. We help to set the best targets for service and inventory. We help to build the right metrics and manage inventory efficiently.

Logistics optimization

Logistics has a direct impact on the performance of a Supply Chain. We design the distribution network that reaches your service, cost and emission targets. We support the improvement of warehousing and logistics operations. Our experts provide an approach based on facts and figures and coach the improvement on the floor. 

Supply chain analytics

Analytics has become indispensable in Supply Chain improvement. We help you turn data into actionable insights for your Supply Chain. We guide your team to build the analytics skills it needs for the future.

Integrated Business Planning

A reliable process for Integrated Business Planning or Sales & Operations Planning makes all parties in the value chain work together to reach your company’s targets. We offer a tailored improvement approach considering the specifics of your business.

Supply & Demand planning

Efficient Supply and Demand planning requires good processes, the right organization and adapted software solutions. Our experts help your staff to build and improve Supply and Demand planning through training, mentoring and in-depth knowledge transfer.

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