Supply Chain Management


Selecting and implementing an S&OP tool

Strategic challenge

Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (MBD) is the world’s largest manufacturer of aircraft landing gear. It is involved in the design, development, manufacture and customer support of all types of aircraft landing gear, wheels and brakes.

The significant increase in activities induced a growth in the number of programs and airplanes and had become difficult to manage with the conventional tools.

Systematic reporting adapted to the company and the contract should enable a more efficient management of the sales and profitability of the company.

The S&OP cycle had become so laborious that the frequency has been reduced to two cycles a year.


Feasibility study

During the feasibility study, Möbius formalized the general forecasting method for the company’s installed base and the main challenges of this forecasting method. Then Möbius evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of various options such as a forecasting tool of replacement parts, Excel solutions, Data Warehouse solutions, a specialized tool, a tool box, etc.

Drafting specifications and tool selection

To make a selection adapted to the specific problems of the ‘Wheels’ and ‘Brakes’ divisions, Möbius described the specifics of the business of consumable spare parts and the complexity of technical data (installed base, lifetime of products, ACAS data: database of planes, operating schedules, rough cut capacity planning ). Mobius also conducted a consultation with eight specialized publishers.

Project management assistance

During the implementation, Möbius accompanied MBD in project governance (steering advancement, coordination of internal and external actors) and in ensuring the adherence of the solution specifications.


Today MBD has a tool which has become the common foundation of collaboration between different services, Marketing, Sales, Management Control and Supply Chain.

  • The tool automatically performs the consolidation of data from multiple internal and external sources, validates and cleans data faster.
  • Once the data is prepared, the tool helps in generating volumes, sales and margins forecasts.
  • Finally, it allows reporting on performance against schedule.

This project standardizes the process of exchanging information and data between departments. We now have a single source file that is updated on a rational basis. Work organization has been revolutionized and all stakeholders know where, when and how to find the information they need!

Renaud Duval, Global Supply Chain Manager Carbon Material

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