Enterprise Excellence

How enterprise excellent is your organization?
Can you manage to sustain? 

Research shows that, even though enterprise excellence is already a well-established concept in many organizations, only 10% of enterprise excellence implementations are sustainable and create better results. But what is the missing link towards sustainable enterprise excellence implementations? Launch our tool and find out!

Enterprise excellence is about an organization’s commitment to create value for the customer through qualitative products or services in a full, timely and cost efficient manner. In an excellent organization employees understand and are motivated to support the vision and strategy of the organization. Leaders provide a safe and healthy work environment for all individuals and stimulate them to improve every day for their clients and the organization itself to sustain this state of excellence.

  Service Excellence

‘Standard’ service and ‘ordinary’ customer satisfaction are no longer enough to set you apart in today’s market. Successful organizations strive to give their customers an outstanding service. Providing service excellence that exceeds expectations creates enthusiastic, committed and loyal customers who automatically become ambassadors for the organization.

An excellent organization has a clear vision of its customer strategy: which customers (segments) are served by which model and in what area(s) does the organization aim to be unique? It is essential to communicate this service concept clearly and unequivocally throughout the organization as this will result in efficient service provision and customer delight.

It is also important to frequently analyse the current customer experience to continuously improve this. Mystery shopping, customer journeys and satisfaction surveys help your organization to sustain this service excellence.

   An aligned organization

All successful organizations need a clear and inspiring vision. Together with mission, vision and values, a well-chosen, mature long term strategy is the compass that guides an organization towards making the right decision at every strategic opportunity. Organizations need a good project portfolio, selecting those projects that will make the greatest contribution to achieving the chosen strategy.

Implementing strategy is one thing, but ensuring that it permeates the organization in the long term is a different matter entirely. Following up objectives and activities through a good performance cascade, making progress visible with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Behavioral Indicators (KBI) and celebrating successes are just a few tools for anchoring change.

For an organization to excel, it is also important to make sure your organization is not working in silos but aligns all initiatives and values streams over all departments in the organization.

   Culture of continuous improvement

A successful organization needs both big improvement projects and small improvements. Only when the organization appreciates and sees the value of the learning effects of small improvements; the results of it, big or small, will be sustainable and big improvement initiatives or projects will actually lead to sustainable breakthrough results.

To continuously improve, an organization can use a broad range of tools such as process modelling, Root Cause Analysis, 5S and Standardized Work. Tools and systems, however, have to be chosen on a well-founded basis, and in accordance with the organization’s ideal behavior. Which and how tools are used will drive the behavior of the employees who have to achieve the outcomes after all.

   Respect and Leadership

Good leaders support and communicate the vision and strategy clearly in the organization. It is the responsibility of the leaders to set the scene for desirable behavior. Moreover, good leaders lead by example and are open to prioritize and, if possible, realize bottom-up suggestions.

Major breakthroughs can only succeed if every employee, working within their own perimeter, is stimulated to implement improvement projects successfully as a result of inspiration, coaching, training, and above all, learning on the job. Every individual in the organization needs to feel respected. Only in this kind of culture, the organization is able to excel.

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