How critical is sterilization in your hospital?

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How critical is sterilization in your hospital?


Möbius is organizing an interactive webinar (in French) on the importance of sterilization in a patient’s hospitalization. Criticality in the hospital can be defined as the product of the probability of occurrence of an accident by the severity of its consequences.

The priority client for a sterilization service is the operating room. An adverse event within it has implications for the safety of the patient, for its efficient management, for the harmony and collaboration of staff. Is the sterilization service directly related to the quality and effectiveness of the surgical activity of a hospital institution?





  • Introduction
    • How to define a critical service in a hospital?
    • What is sterilization and what interactions does it take?
  • Operational vision
    • Quality management in sterilization and continuous evaluation of delivered products
    • Collaboration and communication between the operating room and sterilization
  • Risk management in sterilization
    • Risk identification, quantification and management of risk management
  • Why sterilization should be considered as a critical service?

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